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Like many writers I have interests and passions in a wide variety of topics. I've had jobs ranging from online sales, cleaning service and estate sales. While there isn't always a logical connection to these jobs they have given me a truly unique experience in life. Thus, the strange leap of topic from time to time. Who is Grace Rellie you might ask? She's a lady who is both a puzzle and an open book. She writes romance, children's stories and historical nonfiction. You will find a variety. In my personal life I've always loved classic cinema and now I work in a movie palace (The Pickwick Theater in downtown Park Ridge, IL) and am blessed in meeting stars of classic Hollywood and their families. Once a month I become a princess as we give these screenings the Red Carpet treatment and I walk the theater halls dressed in ballgowns. Nothing is more exhilarating than watching 500+ people walk through the theater doors. Seeing their happy faces as they leave tells me that my associates and I are not only making our own dreams come true but that we are bringing joy to others and that is a gift in itself. But as you'll see there is a dark side to my writing as well. The nonfiction is historical. It is not pleasant or lighthearted and it's not meant to be. The object is to show others what has happened in the past where man has been on the side of error in hope that those reading it will pass the word on and take care so that these events might not be repeated. Who is Grace Rellie? Who am I? I'm a woman on a mission to both bring joy and caution so that mankind can and will find peace.

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