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AAWG member Claire Beck has graciously agreed to host a writing workshop on Feb. 6, 2010 titled “Improv as a Springboard to Collaborative Writing.”

What is this?
During this workshop we will use a few fun and easy improvisation techniques to do a little collaborative writing. Attendees will:

  • Develop strategies for working collaboratively with other writers.
  • Practice collaborative skills in a series of short improvisation activities.
  • Collaborate with a small group of peers to write a 700 – 1000 word manuscript.
  • Give a reading of the group’s finished product.
  • Use a structured process to give and receive feedback.

Who should come?
Any member of AAWG with an inkling to try collaborative writing.

When and Where is it?
Saturday, February 6th from 2:00-4:30 at Panera in Crystal Lake.  The address is 6000 Northwest Hwy (Route 14).

What should I do if I plan on attending?

  • Please respond using Comments to let us know you’re coming so we have a good head count.
  • Ideally, we’ll be working with laptops so we can maximize our writing outputs. Each small group would have one laptop. If you have a laptop and don’t mind bringing it, please include that in your response. We’ll make sure you travel with your laptop during the activity. If we don’t have enough laptops for each small group we’ll go retro and write by hand.
  • Please come prepared to participate in some brief improvisation activities and do some collaborative writing with a team or partner.

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