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Summer eZine Submissions

Hey all! Anyone have a short piece they’d like to put in the summer eZine? June 01 was the deadline, but I’ll extend it to JUNE 25.

If we don’t have enough material, I’ll roll it over until fall.


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Spring 2010 eZine is Up!

Sorry this is a few days late. My computer got hosed on the 31st and has been undergoing scans ever since. I will get the missing bios up as soon as I can log onto it again! (should be soon, plus we got a sweet new Asus – so this crap shouldn’t be happening anymore…)

Again, sorry for the delay & the missing bios will go up asap!

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January 2010 eZine is Up!

Well… it’s up. Our contributors this month were: Claire, Lydia, Nile, Jen, Lisa DK and Lisa G – congrats!

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