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I write an online column for book reviews called Turn the Page, highlighting a variety of writers from various genres. I’m currently talking to some local papers at the moment about possibly doing a mini-version of the column for them as well. I’m also interested in looking through some of the work of the other writer’s from AAWG for possible future reviews. With Ryan’s review, I also posted a Q & A session. In May I reviewed The Shack by William P Young and in July I will be reviewing Jef Lean’s paperback release of Queen of the Ring. Jeff is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the assistant managing editor of investigations for the Washington Post. I have confirmation from Jeff that we will be collaborating on a Q & A session for his review as well.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Below please find the link to the article and feel free to peruse the other pages.


Betsy Wolfe Stemple


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