Michelle’s art exhibit is now up in the Epping Gallery at the McHenry County College.  She invites you to stop by and check out her display.

McHenry County College, 8900 U.S. 14, Crystal Lake, IL  (Enter through door B and turn left at the cafe after the vending machines).

From Kay Clark: Carolyn and I were brainstorming and we thought we’d like to encourage children’s stories and other works and try to PUBLISH in the upcoming November NANOWRIMO challenge this year.  We’d need 50,000 words total among the stories.  Not everyone’s forte is for such a format so maybe we could just work on short stories and still publish.  We feel it would be a real boost for the “newbies” in the group to be published.

When life as a stay-at-home wife grows tedious and routine, Myrtle MacKaine struggles to gain independence from her domineering, over-achieving husband. Kevin’s main focus is on his career and climbing the ladder of success. He considers himself a good husband, the sole breadwinner, and her protector.

To the contrary, Myrtle feels ignored and denied the intimacy she craves and opts to find companionship outside the walls of their home. She discovers happiness and purpose in volunteer work at a local charity. It eventually leads her down a road of opportunities never before imagined, including authoring an Irish cookbook and participation as an artistic nude model.

A four-drawer, red file cabinet hidden away in the back of her closet becomes a storage place for donated recipes and extra copies of her newly published cookbook but most importantly, it serves to safeguard the secret files linked to her sexually arousing adventures.

**The content herein may be considered toxic to some, or sexually erotic to others
** Recommended for mature, adult readers over 18 years of age.
Now available at Amazon.com  (click the link on the right side bar).

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You were waiting for it and now it has arrived.

When Florence Keenan stepped outside her door to get her mail she had no way of knowing the man asking for directions was about to kill her. As the arctic cold of a sharp icicle penetrated her flesh she felt her body weaken around her. When she opened her eyes later it was to see her body covered in blood, her blood.

As a ghost Florence decides to work with the police to solve her murder. She will not rest until her killer is behind bars and ghosts don’t sleep. Join Florence as she uncovers clues, leads Detective Bill Smythe over the next hurdle and learns that being dead has its own rewards.

Pick the version you need for all your ereader needs or print out a copy by choosing PDF when you go to Smashwords.com.

Or if you…

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From Joyce K.:

Journaling as Healing May 8 Harper College Lifelong Learning Dept.
How to Use Writing to Help Control Stress and Enjoy Life

This interactive workshop will help you move forward in life through journaling, where you can discover your passions, process negative feelings, deal with stress and develop an “attitude of gratitude. We will discuss types of journals, from recording family memories to grief journals. Journaling is a proven method of improving your physical and emotional health. Bring a notebook to class. Sharing is optional.

Joyce Kocinski, presenter, is a teacher and author of the book, “Letters from Mom: a Daughter’s Journal of Healing”.

Call 847-925-6300 to register

News from our friend Jerry Sinn:

“Sorry I missed the Writer’s Club last week.  Was in Ohio — my 7 week Serialization “Comets Basketball story”  was running.  Two of Paulding County’s HS. Teams were in their Regional Finals at Bowling Green U. in the final week of my Blue Creek Comets of 1947 story.  We all competed for the Championships in the same news headlines/ same Newspaper/same INET Program.    EXCITING !”

Congrats to Jerry!

Grace Rellie:

Stay tuned for more details such as the story’s publication date and links where you can buy it.

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Bleeding Ice-COVER ART - Grace Rellie Outside the air was cold and inside Florence Keenan’s blood was cooling. It had been three hours since her heart had given its final struggle with the Angel of death and lost. With each final pump her pain had increased ten-fold until Florence prayed for death. With her last exhale she’d mentally screamed in terror as reality sank in. She was going to die. Her time had come and she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live. So terribly bad did she want to live. And then it was all over but she didn’t immediately realize it.

…… Standing over detective Bill Smythe’s shoulder Florence began to read his notes. “They’re like reading chicken scratches,” she harrumphed . “Imagine a grown man whose handwriting is worse than a second graders.”

Slowly as she studied the page she began to see similarities and discerned his letter styling…

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